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Boat Rentals

Lake\r\nOnota, located within the city of Pittsfield, MA, features 617 acres of lake water\r\nfor boating and water enthusiasts. From fishing to swimming to skiing, hundreds\r\nof visitors make their way to this body of freshwater for its vast aquatic offerings.
\r\nAnd for those looking to catch a few waves, Onota Boat Livery offers visitors quick\r\nand easy boat rentals throughout the week. Whether you\’re simply looking to\r\nrelax or wanting to go fishing, Onota Boat Livery has a plethora of boat options\r\nfor guests to choose from; just select whichever boat suits your needs and sail\r\naway for a day of lake water bliss.
\r\nFor the scenic route, try taking a rowboat, canoe, or kayak for a spin. While paddling\r\nyour way across the water, you can enjoy the accompanying views of the\r\nshoreline. And for those looking for some fun in the sun, Onota Boat Livery has\r\nseveral pontoons available. These well-known boats offer the best of both\r\nworlds, whether you\’re looking to fish, swim, or simply bask in the sunshine.
\r\nFishing lovers will enjoy Onota Boat\’s vast fishing selection. This bait and\r\ntackle-style shop carries live bait—including minnows, worms, and night\r\ncrawlers—as well as fishing rods, bait nets, fishing gear, and more. Afterward,\r\nyou can rent a traditional 14-foot fishing boat, so you can sail out, cast your\r\nline, and reel in your catch of the day.
\r\nOnota Boat Livery rents boats by the hour, half day, and full day beginning at $20,\r\n$60, and $80, respectively. Plus, its convenient location right on the lake allows\r\nyou prime access to the water, so you can spend more time enjoying it and less\r\ntime setting up.

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